Heating Oil

The state of Connecticut's 682,000 heating oil consumers use 545,000,000 gallons of heating oil annually. At approximately 800 gallons per customer, this represents a decline of more than 40% from average consumption 30 years ago. This dramatic decrease is attributable to oil heat equipment being between 83 to 94 percent efficient.

  • No other heating source can demonstrate a greater reduction in consumption through energy efficiency improvements than heating oil.
  • Further, oil heat is safely stored on site at your home or business and provides the security of knowing your energy supply is right where you need it.

The United States has two sources of heating oil: domestic refineries and imports from foreign countries. Refineries produce heating oil as a part of the "distillate fuel oil" product family, which includes heating oils and diesel fuel. Distillate products are shipped throughout the United States by pipelines, barges, tankers, trucks and rail cars. Most imports of distillate come from Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Venezuela. The state's 580 heating oil dealers compete for the consumer's business by offering a wide range of services for the heating system as well as a variety of ways to make paying energy bills easier. Many dealers offer price protection strategies and budget plans.