Domestic Storage and Security

The U.S. stores plentiful supplies of fuel in many locations, the largest being the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Today, there are over 640 million barrels of crude oil held in the Reserve. There will be an increase in the Reserve's level to 700 million barrels. At 1 million barrels per day, the Reserve can supply oil continuously for nearly a year and a half! Connecticut's Oilheat customers can have confidence in knowing that there's more than enough oil. As of September 2001, over 120 million barrels of home heating oil have been stored in the U.S. According to the National Petroleum Council, this exceeds the amount Americans would need by 40 million barrels. And, there's even more good news for Connecticut residents thanks to the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve. The Northeast Heating Oil Reserve holds 2 million barrels, and is divided into sites in Connecticut, New Jersey and Rhode Island.