Contact:  Gene Guilford
For Immediate Release January 7, 2013

What Is the Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection Hiding?


“The State’s Energy plan is built on a house of cards with no foundation of the plan's cost to taxpayers or ratepayers and amounts to a bail out of natural gas monopolies whose business will expand without the utilities paying for it.  PURA staff, who have the expertise in these matters, tell us that the DEEP leadership has effectively prevented them from commenting on this "plan." The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s refusal to let its own regulators, The Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) speak on the matter is a cover-up by the politically driven staff at the DEEP.”  What does DEEP have to hide when it won't allow its own staff the opportunity to comment?

~Gene Guilford
President of Connecticut Energy Marketers Association or CEMA (formerly known as ICPA) 

The Connecticut Energy Marketers Association [formerly ICPA], filed a Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] request on the Office of the Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Executive Secretary of the Public Utility Regulatory Authority. CEMA requested all documents and communications and work products concerning the state’s comprehensive energy plan.

The request was filed on December 24 after the staff of the Public Utility Regulatory Authority [PURA], requested an extension of time to comment on the state energy plan from its parent organization – DEEP, and DEEP denied their request.

“We find it strange that DEEP’s staff would deny the staff of their own subagency the opportunity to comment on the state energy plan,” said Gene Guilford President of CEMA who filed the FOIA request. “We want to know what The DEEP is hiding? DEEP Commissioner Dan Esty has muzzled his own staff on this issue. CEMA wants to know why Commissioner Esty is preventing his own experts on natural gas from commenting on this issue. That’s why we have filed an FOIA request for all communications and work products between the DEEP and PURA on this matter. It’s time to shed light on what this plan is really all about and why it is not good for consumers. Our own findings reveal that the data used in the plan is inaccurate and nothing more than an end-of the rainbow scenario being sold by politically motivated staff. “ 

To read the DEEP denial of the PURA request click on the following link.

It has been several days since the FOIA request was filed and CEMA has yet to hear back from anyone relating to this issue.


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