CEMA Management Education

EMEC is the Energy Marketer Education Certification. In 2011 the ICPA Education Foundation started bringing marketers the EMEC as a means to allow marketers to differentiate themselves from other marketers. Those who successfully complete the EMEC program will receive an EMEC certificate and will have that designation made public in the member listings on the CEMA website. We want to do everything we can to help every marketer be the best they can be to be prepared for competition and future success.

The CEMA EMEC program is a product of the CEMA Management Education Group. Petroleum Marketers in CEMA are providing programs across a broad range of management, regulatory compliance, technology, tax and financial disciplines that will enable every marketer who attends to come away with stronger and sharper skills to run a 21st Century operation. Each program has a number of hours attached and those who attend all programs will accumulate both hours and attendance credits toward receiving a CEMA Management Institute EMEC Certificate. The minimum number of hours necessary to achieve the EMEC certification is 50 hours. After achieving the initial EMEC certification, the marketer will be required to attend 20 hours of continuing education hours every 24 months to retain the certification.


Anti-Trust Law and CEMA Ethics Policy - 3 hours

This program provides a strong outline of basic anti-trust law for petroleum marketers as well as provides guidance on the CEMA Code of Ethics and associated materials.





Leadership and Management - 24 hours

Leadership skills and management ability are not things most people are born with, or inherit - they are traits that one can learn and develop over time. Those who lead companies or divisions need skills that include how to manage people but also how to develop the skills of vision and listening. Leaders don't flock - we find them one at a time. Leadership isn't simply following everyone else - it includes the courage to plot your company's course and navigate through the difficulties of uncertainty and initiating and managing change.



Marketer Regulatory Compliance Basics - 8 hours

Since we were young we learned the simple maxim, "ignorance of the law is no excuse." This still holds true today. The safest way to navigate the state and federal regulations our industry is subject to is to know them well and be prepared for audits of compliance. This is where that preparation begins.

EMEC 303.2
“Surviving Nightmare Alley” Driver Safety Course
Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 10 AM – 11 AM
EMEC 303.3
“Accident Prevention” Driver Safety Course
Wednesday, February 20, 2013, 10 AM – 11 AM


Technology - 7 hours

Learn from acclaimed energy researchers such as Tom Butcher how technology works to reduce energy consumption for oil heat customers. Learn about the latest technologies that can save your customers money from top manufacturers: Beckett, Buderus, Field Controls, Honeywell, Kerr, Energy Kinetics, Thermo Pride,Weil-McLain and more!. Learn from the best in software developers about their applications to your business.



Planning - 6 hours

Learn how to create a plan for your business, whether it's for developing a green strategy, new business development, or for mergers and acquisitions. Learn about benchmarking, evaluating cost of delivery, ROI and more!




Marketing - 6 hours

These sessions are delivered by petroleum marketers and industry consultants and involve a number of different topics. You will learn how Oilheat companies across the country have successfully transformed their businesses and their marketing strategies by embracing innovation and becoming leaders in their field. You'll learn how companies have successfully gone Green; how to get everyone in your company committed to your marketing strategy, and how to implement a Green strategy, among other associated issues on industry transformation, rebranding and marketing.



Customer Retention, Profitability and Cash Flow - 5.5 hours

Market volatility is panicking your customers. They are shopping suppliers more than ever. Loyalty is down. What are you doing to retain your customer base? Is it killing your bottom line? Can you have loyalty and a profitable company? This seminar will explore how to manage customer retention while maintaining a profitable company. It will look at how market volatility affects your company and impacts customer loyalty; at how pricing programs affect customer retention; and at the power of the "budget" and how customer retention affects margins, cash flow and the valuation of your company. In the second half of the program you'll learn about the ins and outs of credit card processing, how it impacts your cash flow and the trick of the trade to reduce the cost of processing fees.



Heating Oil and Propane Contracts Law - 6 hours

This program covers all critical issues dealing with how retailers need to construct prebuy or guaranteed price programs under Connecticut law as well as arms retailers with template contracts to follow and CEMA's Member Services Bulletin on Connecticut's heating oil and propane contracts law.





Hedging Fundamentals and Buying Strategies - 4 hours

This is an introduction to hedging fundamentals for those retailers who need to gain an understanding of how hedging works and the strategies that retailers can use in developing a product buying strategy using sound hedging techniques.


    EMEC 904
    Timing is Everything: The Heating Oil Marketer's Daily Planner for Hedging, Marketing, Finance & Operations
    March 6, 2013, 8:30 AM to12:00 PM at CEMA offices, Cromwell


State and Federal Taxes - 6 hours

This program keys off of the CEMA Master Tax Bulletin for Petroleum Marketers and highlights all key state and federal tax issues, tax forms and tax rates petroleum marketers need to know in running a petroleum marketing operation whether for heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, propane or gasoline.




Finance and Capitalization - 6 hours

This program provides specific guidance and instruction on how to properly finance and capitalize a heating oil and propane company. How to review your company's financial position, what financial advice is available to marketers to assess their financial position, structuring debt, cash flow management, budgeting, and receivables management all are covered in this program.



Human Resources - 6 hours

This program provides guidance on developing and implementing a sound employee policy handbook, techniques on employee retention, when and how to terminate employees, employee hiring and screening techniques and associated practical and legal issues in human resources management.



    EMEC 1200.1
    CEMA and Managing ObamaCare
    Friday, January 18, 2013 9.00am to 10.00am
    EMEC 1200.2
    CEMA and Managing ObamaCare
    Wednesday, January 23, 2013 9.00am to 10.00am
    EMEC 1200.3
    CEMA and Managing ObamaCare
    Friday, January 25, 2013 9.00am to 10.00am
    EMEC 1200.4
    CEMA and Managing ObamaCare
    Friday, February 1, 2013 9.00am to 10.00am


Company Succession Planning - 3 hours

This program addresses how a company should select whether it should be an S-corp, a C-corp, an LLC and how to structure the company properly with an eye toward turning the company over to the next generation of management coming along in the family.