Each day you go to work to earn the support of your customers, while competing against others who are also trying to do business with your customers. CEMA's relationship with you reflects the same commitment to earning your support and a commitment to excellence as we are focused on providing benefits, services and products that enhance your business and our industry's ability to compete and grow in Connecticut.

The petroleum industry in Connecticut employs over 13,000 of our fellow citizens, sells more than 500 million gallons of heating oil to 682,000 consumers through 600 retailers, sells more than 1.6 billion gallons of gasoline to 2 million drivers through 1,400 retail outlets, and has more than 4,500 licensed, professional Energy Conservation Technicians working here every single day. This industry's total economic impact on Connecticut now exceeds $6 billion.

There are many industry organizations you can join . . . but here at the state level only CEMA will promote, preserve and protect your business interests. Here are some reasons we feel CEMA is your best choice, and why we work hard to "EARN YOUR SUPPORT".

If you are interested in signing up for membership, please choose one of the following membership options:

  • Petroleum Marketer/RETAIL. Fees are based on a per-gallon assessment based on gallons sold at retail.
  • Petroleum Marketer/WHOLESALE. Fees are based on one of two levels of wholesale sales, one fee for less than 50 million gallons sold and a second level for 50 million or more gallons sold.
  • Associate. Fees are based on the number of employees the company has in the state: one fee for 5 or fewer employees, a second level for companies with more than 5 employees in the state.

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