CEMA Code of Ethics

The Connecticut Energy Marketers Association adopts the following Code of Ethics to promote the highest ethical and moral standards of professional conduct in the petroleum industry. Each member of the Association agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics. The Association intends that this Code of Ethics be interpreted and enforced reasonably, fairly, and objectively.


  • To promote the general welfare of the petroleum business in the state of Connecticut;
  • To advance the use of petroleum and petroleum equipment through means consistent with the public interest;
  • To develop and maintain relationships with refiners, producers, marketers, transportation groups, government and legislative bodies that will extend and secure fair and equitable treatment to and from all;
  • To encourage and promote high standards of service and ethical conduct within the industry.


These Principles of Ethics are aspirational goals of professional conduct for all Association members. Members of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association pledge to:

  • maintain a standard of excellence in delivering, manufacturing, blending, producing, packaging, promoting, and marketing petroleum products and services;
  • maintain and service all accounts efficiently and professionally;
  • recognize the need to store, transport, distribute and retail energy products in an environmentally responsible, safe and secure manner, with the highest regard for the safety and health of our workforce and of the communities in which we operate;
  • respect the rights and interests of competitors;
  • avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions, and communications;
  • support a healthy, competitive marketplace for all through cooperation with customers, other businesses, and every person who would benefit from an ethical, free-market system;
  • respect contracts that exist between consumer and retailer and encourage their adherence;
  • monitor technological developments to assure availability of the highest quality products and services and the imposition of the most stringent standards within the petroleum industry;
  • provide opportunities for professional advancement of employees by assisting them to acquire additional knowledge and increased technical competence;
  • protect and enhance the environment and the health and safety of their employees and consumers through the safe and responsible use and disposal of petroleum products; and
  • always be guided by a spirit of justice, honor, and fairness within their communities and in all dealings with other members of the petroleum industry and with associated industries.


These Rules of Ethics provide mandatory and specific standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct for all marketer members of the Association. These Rules of Ethics are enforceable by the Association under the procedures provided in Article IV, §4.8 of the Association's bylaws. Members of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association shall:

  • store, supply, distribute and retail petroleum products in compliance with current industry standards, test specifications and operating procedures as prescribed by the American Society for Testing Materials, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the American Petroleum Institute, other standard-setting organizations recognized generally in the industry and/or local, state, or federal authorities;
  • assure that all petroleum and / or services and promotional information, including statements designed or which can be interpreted to describe the properties or performance of the product and related services, is accurate and not misleading;
  • dispense all products in compliance with the provisions of Handbook 44 of the National Conference on Weights and Measures, or its successor guidance document[s] as applicable;
  • comply with all laws and regulations relating to the storage, supply, retailing and distribution of petroleum products, including applicable occupational safety and health and environmental laws and regulations.